Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Last week, we headed down to Devon. It was nice to get away for a few days and spend some time in the countryside as well as by the coast.

We spent a day sailing, down the river Dart from Totnes and round to Start Point (by Hallsands, where the village fell into the sea during a storm in 1917). Well, when I say sailing... it was more motoring as there wasn't enough wind to keep any of the sails up!

Obviously, I made time for a bit of photography and I even managed a sunrise at the Daymark by Kingswear.

The Daymark at Sunrise

Dartmouth Daymark Dartmouth Daymark

The Daymark was built in 1864 as a navigational aid for ships entering Dartmouth (as the bay is fairly hidden amongst the cliffs). It stands 25 meters high and is owned and maintained by the Dart Harbour Commission.

We also visited Sharpham Vinyard (very nice wine) and there were some beautiful views of the River Dart leading up to Totnes.

The River Dart

Although it is nice to be home, I have to say that I really didn't miss the terraced houses looming over us and I still can't wait to move out of the city!

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