Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Evil Epson

That's it - enough is enough.
I have now lost all faith in Epson.

I had a brand new SX400 Printer and the alignment went after about 2 months, got a replacement... the print heads were knackered.
Josh also has an Epson, so I thought I would borrow that for a few days... the print heads have gone on that too (its only been used twice) and I just spent £30 on ink!

The good news...
I'm getting an upgraded printer - a Canon...
This one had better work. If I loose my faith in Canon, I'm going to have to swap all of my camera equipment for Nikon! lol!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Rachel & Josh (Portraits)

This week I did a portrait shoot for Rachel and a couple of shots with her boyfriend Josh.


Rachel was quite comfortable in front of the camera, relaxed and looked natural in her poses.
She photographed so well and wasn't intimidated by studio lighting at all and did some really good face pulling poses too!

Rachel Rachel

Josh however (who hates being photographed), was very uncomfortable in front of the camera. The second I started to lift the camera up to my face, he froze and tensed up.
Nothing Rachel and I tried made much of a difference!

Aaaah! Noooo! Not a camera!

Eventually, he relaxed a little and we tried 'fun' poses as opposed to the more traditional and serious ones. This seemed to help and I the end result worked much better than the forced looking shots.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tetbury Upton Parish Council's Website

Not my usual line of work, but I have been asked by Tetbury Upton Parish Council to give their website a bit of a revamp.

This project makes a change from my photography work and will hopefully develop my web building skills a little further.
It is also nice to be doing some more work relevant to where I lived prior to university - the Cotswolds.

The current site does its job well but they are looking for something a little more modern in design, while still being very easy to navigate.
The current site can be seen here; Tetbury Upton Parish Council

More to come soon on this...

Monday, 21 September 2009

Rachel (Preview)

A preview shot of my shoot with Rachel - more to come soon!


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Jessica & Kady

A few shots from my recent shoot with Jessica & Kady.

Jessica Charlotte

Again, I was very lucky as they were both so good. Kady at just 5 weeks, was mesmerised by the lights and Jessica couldn't wait to have her photograph taken!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Stefanie & Charlotte: Model Shoot

Further to the preview post, here are some more shots from my shoot with Stefanie & Charlotte.

Stafanie works as a model and the shoot was primarily for her portfolio. She brought her friend Charlotte with her as she was interested to know about shoots and have a go herself.

Stefanie & Charlotte

Both Stefanie & Charlotte were easy to work with, both really friendly and good fun.
It was quite interesting to work with two models on one shoot too, as I haven't had this experience before on a portfolio shoot.


Stef knew exactly what she was doing - she didn't need any instruction at all and Charlotte was quite resourceful and improvised as well as listening and asking for advice.
They both worked really well together on all levels making the shoot a really good experience.

Stefanie Charlotte

Despite Charlotte having no previous experience modeling, her confidence built very quickly and it was obvious that she was enjoying the shoot - even with an audience at times as we were shooting in a public location!


More images from the shoot can be seen on my flickr page here; Flickr

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