Friday, 26 June 2009

Gary & Sarah Preview

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing Gary and Sarah's wedding at the Town Hall in Leeds city centre.
It was a beautiful day and the happy couple flew off to Rome early this morning for their honeymoon.

Here is a preview of the Bride and Groom... more to come soon!

Monday, 22 June 2009

Cheltenham Film Studios: EsOteric Music Video Stills

As mentioned previously, some of my photographs are up and can now be seen on the Cheltenham Film Studio's website.

Here is the link; Cheltenham Film Studios

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bluebells in the Woods

I had forgotten about this shot... I took it in passing during a model shoot in the woods a couple of months ago.

I haven't really had time for any landscape photography latley and I really miss being out and about so this is the closest that I have got for now.


Hopefully I will get some time to start with the coastal photography again. I'm planning a holiday down in Devon to see my dad in the next couple of months so I'm sure there will be penty of photographs to come!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Noisy Neighbours: Yet another update...

Well since they received the noise abatement orders, things went pretty quiet...for a while...
To no surprise at all, it has started again and the music is gradually getting louder and louder.

The dog is also driving me insane (despite having had extra insulation installed). I think it is because they have been out a lot as they can't party constantly at home and the dog has been shut in a lot. Barking starts at about 6-7pm and continues on and off every 5 minutes until they get home about 1.30am!
I'm really not sure if I should call the RSPCA out - the dog is obviously unhappy and suffering from some kind of separation anxiety and it could have a much happier home.

I really hope the council takes the dog and finds it a much better home where it isn't deafened for several hours everyday, gets walked and looked after properly!
The abatement gave them 6 weeks to stop the dog from barking incessantly - 4 weeks left until they will do something about it now.

As for the music, as soon as that is witnessed again (which is a nightmare as it takes at least 2-3 hours for anyone to come out), the stereos will be seized and they will get a lovely fine :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Noisy Neighbours Update

Finally! It has been witnessed by the Council!
Abatement Notice is being issued!


If the noise from the dog and music continues, they will end up in Court now.

...I wonder if they will come round drunk again to kick up a stink...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Aga: Model Shoot

I few weeks ago, I had a shoot with Aga (see preview post below), a Polish model living in Leeds.
Aga is a lovely woman, so friendly, bubbly and easy to work with.
She had plenty of ideas and I didn't need to give her much direction.

Summer Sun

We had intended on using the Bluebells for a large part of the shoot, but unfortunately they had started to fade and weren't quite as prominent or as many as they were a week or two before hand.
Instead, the field was littered with buttercups which I thought would make a welcome change to the shots as the colours would be brighter and the shots more vibrant.

Alone in the Woods

The weather was lovely - so lovely that I was struggling with the sun as it was so bright.
I didn't want flare over the shots so tried to avoid shooting directly into the sun, but this just caused problems with shadows.


We used several locations and themes throughout the shoot and a couple of changes.
There was the buttercups and field, bluebells and woods, then finally, just the woodland with a slight rock theme.

Step Into The Light

Aga said that she really likes the shots and I will post more feedback from her soon.
More of the shots from the shoot can be seen in my Flickr photostream - please use the link in the header bar.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

EsOteric - Music Video

At the start of May, I was working on a music video with Dave Aspinall who I have previously taken production stills for on a couple of other projects.
The video was for the band 'EsOteric' and the song 'Tomorrow I Won't Remember'.

Some of the stills can be seen in a post dated 7th May further below along with further details of the production.
The video is now finished, and you can watch it below.

Some of the stills will be available for viewing on the Cheltenham Film Studio's website shortly (I will post a link once they are up) and hopefully a couple will appear in the local paper this week too!

EsOterica - Tomorrow I Won't Remember from dave Aspinall on Vimeo.

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