Friday, 30 January 2009

Communication Technology: Competitions

The Communication Techology brief mentions working to competition briefs.
I haven't entered many competitions and I am not used to working to these briefs. This may be a very good opportunity as it will give me a bit of a push to enter.

Obviously, I'm not going to enter every single competition that I find, but I have compiled the list below of competitions that I know are currently running.

Please keep checking back as I will add to this post as I find more so that I don't end up with numerous posts about competitions!

Digital Camera Magazine (February 2009 Issue)
Category: Indoor Art
Closing Date: 16th February 2009

Digital Camera Magazine (March 2009 Issue)
Category: Creative Portraits
Closing Date: 9th March 2009

Digital Photo Magazine (February 2009 Issue): Digital Photographer of the Year 2009
Category: Still Life
Closing Date: 4th February 2009

Category: Winter
Closing Date: 3rd March 2009

Black & White Spider Awards
Categories: Abstract/Fashion/Nature/Still Life
Closing Date: 31st March 2009

Practical Photography Magazine: Photographer of the Year 2009
Category: Dramatic Landscapes
Closing Date: 4th February 2009

Category: Black & White
Closing Date: 4th March 2009

Category: Low Light
Open Date: 25th February 2009
Closing Date: 1st April 2009

Amateur Photographer
February - Food
March - Change of Perspective
Please see website for details

Perrot Awards
Categories: Wedding/Portraits/Open (anything else)
Closing Date: 4th March 2009

Burrard Lucas Photography
Category: Wildlife Portraits
Closing Date: 30th April 2009

Natural History Museum: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009
Closing Date: 26th April 2009

Unite/Harvey Nicholls Leeds Skyshot (Students only)
Closing Date: 20th February 2009

Lumix Award
Category: Living Planet
Closing Date: 31st March 2009

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Communication Technology: Change of Plans

Ok, so as usual I'm not going doing what I was originally planning to do!

After the tutorial that I had a couple of days ago, I have decided to do something far more productive that will expand my portfolio and increase my skill set.

I'm looking at focusing on low light photography using a variety of techniques and subjects.

I had a good mooch through my books, magazines and on Flickr for some ideas and have come up with so many options that I'm feeling rather spoilt for choice.

Initial ideas are;

  • Vehicle headlight traces (long exposures)
  • Painting with light
  • Moon & Star trails
  • City Streets/Urban Landscapes


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Communication Technology: Plans

Steph and I have decided to combine efforts on this project as we are both doing the same thing.
We plan to do the practical work together to help with time and equipment but we will do the written work on our own.

We have picked some key themes for the practical photography side of the project, focusing on Still Life and Urban Landscapes.
Although these themes differ quite greatly, it will give us the opportunity to improve our skills in more unfamiliar areas as well as working both in the studio with lighting equipment as well as outside with natural light both during that day and in low light situations.
This should give us greater diversity for comparing the equipment and techniques needed.

I have quite a hefty equipment list as it is but there are plenty of things that I would like to try too. I would especially like to get my hands on a medium format Rolleiflex and a Hasselblad.

Thus far, the film equipment I have is;

Kodak Brownie No.2 (1929-31)
Kodak Brownie 127 (1952)
AgiFlash (1954)
The Zenit-B (1973)
Kodak Six-20 Model D (1953-57)
(See previous posts for images of the above).

Pentax A3
Pentax P30N

Pentax f4 35-80mm
Elicar f2.5 90mm Macro (Pentax Fit)
Cosina f2.5 50mm (Pentax Fit)
Takumar-A f4 70-200mm (Pentax Fit)
Sigma f2.8 35-70mm (Pentax Fit)
Jessops Semi-Fisheye attachment Lens 0.42X

My digital equipment is listed on my Flickr profile page HERE.

Our project will explore the differences between film and digital format cameras. Looking at quality and whether they are better used for different subjects.
We also plan to explore the evolution of the camera and where they are going now as well as software and processing techniques.
Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere with a colour processing lab that we can get access too so that is an area that we will look further into.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Communication Technology

So this brief wasn't a favourite last year, but its looking a lot better this time round.
Its far more self directed allowing a lot more freedom which is what I really enjoy.
To no surprise, I will be focusing on photography and cameras!

My initial plans for this brief will be to look at how the camera has progressed (see blog posted 11th December 2008 'Camera Collections') and where they are heading as well as some of the post production software available and processing techniques.

In terms of self directed projects, I'm hoping to look at areas that I haven't really spent much time on before such as HDR, low light photography, wildlife, city landscapes and possibly sports photography. Each of these require different knolwedge and a different skill set which I am not as familiar with.

I'm also hoping to find some photography competitions to enter.

Send & Recieve

I'm really not enthused by this brief as its all based around critical thinking which in all honesty, is my weakest point.

I know that I can do it, but it is talking about it and showing it. Right now, it is just automatic and I have never had to discuss it before so I often find it very frustrating and not even saying what I mean or want to say.

Although its desired, I have decided not to do any work within a community group or volunteering for part of this brief as I simply don't feel that I have the time right now. Besides, it isn't essential and I can draw on previous working experiences as well as current which is good and should provide more variety from what everyone else is doing.

I may be doing some in the near future though when things quieten down a little so that I can get the most out of the experience as well as being more helpful and flexible.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Stress, Stress, Stress!

Its only January and I'm already starting to feel a little stressed with uni!

For some reason, I haven't really understood what they are asking us in the briefs so far (although I know I'm not the only one in this boat) but it has taken longer to get my head around them than I would have liked, leaving less time for working on them which I'm finding rather frustrating.

There also just doesn't seem to be enough time to do anything!
I have 4 briefs going on at once and an ongoing brief too.
Generally, I'm very good at managing my time but I'm finding it such a struggle right now.

There are also so many other opportunities this year that I really don't want to pass up on outside of uni, giving myself even more to do, let alone thinking about housework etc etc.
I will talk about these more as they happen.

I know that there is time, although it is rather pushed, but at the same time, I don't like being or feeling rushed as I feel that it affects my work.
I'm really hard on myself when it comes to marks and unless I get a 1st, I'm just not happy with myself or the work I have done.
I also had a very good streak of 1st for project work in the first year so I don't want to settle for any less.

I was really annoyed with my marks for my first project this year (Waterfall Collections) as I was only a couple of points shy of a 1st, leaving me with a high 2.1
I know this is not by any means a bad grade and when the mark is broken down, 2 out of 5 parts of my mark we high 1st's after all...but I'm just not satisfied with myself.

I know I am capable of achieving a 1st and have done plenty of times before, so that is what I want and no less.

At the same time however, I worry that I am pushing myself too hard too much which may not be helping!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The British Museum

On our weekend in London, I managed to squeeze in 2 hours at the British Museum. This was the only place I wanted to go out of every possible choice, quite simply because since I was about 7, all I wanted to do was dig up tombs in Egypt and study Egyptian mythology!

My parents always thought I would grow out of this 'phase' and 20 years later, despite my main interest being photography, I would never ever pass up an opportunity to work on an excavation site in Egypt even if it meant sitting in unbearable heat brushing sand away from artifacts with a fine paint brush!

The moment we walked in the door, I looked at Josh (my fiance) with a huge grin on my face and said "see you in a couple of hours" and quite literally ran off!
I don't think I have been that excited in a long time.
I ran back to find him twice, jumping up and down going "Oh my god! They have the Rosetta Stone"! which he looked at me rather baffled about and "Aaaaaaaaah! Cleopatra is in the other room"! haha!

So, in the 2 hours we were there, I managed to see most of the Egyptian exhibits (I also forced myself to spare 5 minutes for The Greeks) then found the book shop which I wanted to go to but quite unhappily, noticed the time and had to run for the train home.

I have full intent on going back down for a long weekend where I will spend every possible moment in both The British Museum and the Natural History Museum.
Oh, and I won't be taking my rubbish snappy camera either - it will be DSLR the whole way!

Images in order;

The Rosetta Stone
The mummy of Cleopatra
Greek Helmet

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Last weekend, we went to London. I haven't been there since I was about 14 on a school trip!

It was our Christmas present from my dad - a weekend in London with a trip to the theatre and the London Eye.

I will write more soon, when I have a little more time.
In the mean time, here are a few photos from the London Eye...

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