Sunday, 6 January 2013

Homemade Goodies

Every Christmas, I do my best to make some of my presents and this year was no exception. Although the chocolate itself wasn't handmade by me from scratch, I did flavour, decorate and mould it as I did last year but I was slightly more adventurous this time and included gold chocolates as well as peppermint creams (which were quite fiddly to do)!
I also made shortbread - plain, chocolate chip and cranberry flavoured. These were all presented in little bags with ribbon that read 'handmade with love'.

Christmas Chocolates & Shortbread

As my nephew would be visiting round new year (he's only 2), I thought it would also be nice to make some cakepops. These went down a treat and he couldn't get enough or them (nor could my sister...)!


I have a few different ideas for next Christmas but I'm afraid I won't be sharing them just yet...

As I was rather pushed for time, all of the photos in this post are just snaps from my phone so they don't do the food as much justice as they should!

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