Friday, 2 November 2007

One Of My Aspirations...

I would love to be a wildlife photographer for the National Geographic.It would be the most amazing job ever!Unfortunatley, I haven't had the chance to travel that much but I've still managed to take some photos that aren't too obvious that the animals are in captivity...

I like all of these images because they could have quite easily have been taken in the wild, when in fact they were all taken at my local zoo.The other reason that I particulary like them, is because I have always wanted to take wildlife images and there is so much detail that you don't notice until you can get close up or study photographs as these types of animals are not directly part of our everyday lives.I paricularly like the Otter image, mainly because he was sat there squeeking on a branch so pitifully for ages - he was so cute!The Wolf image is another favourite, purely because he was staring directly at me from quite some distance and it just makes me wonder what is going through his head.

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