Friday, 25 September 2009

Rachel & Josh (Portraits)

This week I did a portrait shoot for Rachel and a couple of shots with her boyfriend Josh.


Rachel was quite comfortable in front of the camera, relaxed and looked natural in her poses.
She photographed so well and wasn't intimidated by studio lighting at all and did some really good face pulling poses too!

Rachel Rachel

Josh however (who hates being photographed), was very uncomfortable in front of the camera. The second I started to lift the camera up to my face, he froze and tensed up.
Nothing Rachel and I tried made much of a difference!

Aaaah! Noooo! Not a camera!

Eventually, he relaxed a little and we tried 'fun' poses as opposed to the more traditional and serious ones. This seemed to help and I the end result worked much better than the forced looking shots.

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