Friday, 11 November 2011

Strobes, Models and Photographers

About a week before we moved away from Leeds, I had one final photoshoot. Quite a different photoshoot too. Jointly organised with a fellow photographer, Gavin Forster, this was the follow on from the Strobist shoot at the start of October.

Involved there was a total of 7 models, 6 photographers and an awful lot of flashes!

We started early so there was the opportunity to take some shots with natural light and those with limited experience had time to get to know each other and the equipment.


Jenny Melissa

As the evening progressed, it began to get dark very quickly and the strobist equipment was out and helped to produce some very different images.


Before the end of the shoot, we did a much larger set up, using 5 flashes/lights and motion to produce some very different and more dynamic images. This was a really good laugh and the shots were really fun.

The Jump!

It was a brilliant evening and everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was really nice to work with a group of both models and photographers as this isn't something that I often get chance to do!

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