Sunday, 28 October 2007


Thanks to my coursework, I have had an added excuse to get out and about taking photographs for a book that I have to produce.I've found some brilliant places around Leeds although there aren't that many in Leeds itself that facinate me too much...Harewood House is a good place to go if you want some fresh air.Its about 7 miles outside of Leeds and there is a regular bus service if you can't drive, plus...there is free entry for students on a Wednesday.There is not only the House at Harewood but spectacular views over the estate, a bird garden (with Peggers and flamingos), gardens, lakeside walks, a cascade waterfall, deer park and even a planetarium.There is also a castle on the Harewood Estate that I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to include for my coursework, however, it is not on the public part of the estate and is very unsafe so you are only allowed access if you are accompanied. Unfortunatley, it is far too dangerous at the moment and all acess is strictly prohibited.

Rombald's Moor or Ilkley Moor is another great place to roam. There are numerous sites on the Moor with standing stones and others with grafitti examples from around the Neolithic & Bronze ages. You will need an OS Map though if you don't know the Moors very well as these sites aren't sign posted.There is also a really nice woodland area to the south of the 'Swastika Stone', perfect for Autumnal photography or just to provoke your inspiration.

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