Sunday, 21 October 2007

One of my favourite places...

I love this place, Stourhead. Its so peaceful and one of the most inspiring places I have been... The black and white image of 'Apollo's Temple' is definatly my favourite out of these two images. I like the lighting and how the small temple looms over the lake and surrounding garden - it has a very dominant prescence.

I also really like temples and think that this stems from my interest in history once again and the mythology of the Ancient Greeks. The scene where Mr Darcy admits to Elizabeth in the new version of 'Pride and Prejudice' was shot at this temple which adds to the romance of the location.

The colour image below (also Stourhead) was taken in the summer 2006 and was literally a snap shot as I was there for work at the time. I like the intense greens in this image and how bright and warm that it feels, but regret the fact that I didn't have enough time or the best equipment with me on this Summer's day to take more care.

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