Saturday, 29 March 2008


Having recently had access to a photography studio, I had a go at portrait shots using the studio flash equipment.

There are 3 of my favourite shots;

The first shot I am a little disappointed in. It would have worked really nicely but the shadows from the left are too prominant. A second flash should have been used here but on a lower power than the one on the right and in a lower position pointing upwards slightly. It would have reduced the shadows making the lightling far more even and the shadows less distracting.

The second shot is a little better, although a second flash was still needed as with the previous image. I do feel that the shadows are still needed, to add more personality to the shots.

The third shot, a second flash was used and this seems to have worked quite well. I also like the position ofthe subject looking up slightly rather than level or downwards. The image was cropped to maximise composition, the skin was touched up and levels edited slightly.
This style of portrait seems to be quite popular among photographers.

I was quite pleased with the shots overall as I haven't had access to a studio or this type of equipment before and I understand how to use the equipment now.

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