Friday, 13 November 2009

Dawn Photography

My stay in Northumberland was brief, only 3 days so I had to make the most of it.
I had planned my shoot locations using OS maps and photographs as I knew there wouldn't be time for scouting and I needed to make the most of the short time that I had there.

Each morning I got up before 5am and headed down to a location, determined by tide, sunrise and weather to set up by 6.30am, well before sun rise and leaving everyone else fast asleep.
It was freezing (hence huge scarf, coat and hat in the image below), made worse by being on the open coast line with icy cold winds, but it was well worth it as you will see in posts to follow soon.

This gave me further experience in to what landscape photographers go through on a regular basis to get their shots. I was well aware of this, but I had never dedicated a whole holiday to achieving the shots that I wanted or braved such cold weather but I can fully understand why they do it and the satisfaction that they achieve.

You can see two other photographers just below the castle in the image above, but there were about 20 of us out on the beach that morning!

Bamburgh Castle at Dawn

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