Thursday, 12 November 2009


As we were staying 20 minutes from Seahouses, I though it would be rather rude if we didn't go over to the Farne Isle to see the seals, especially as late October/early November is peak breeding season and there would be plenty of seal pups.

I'm not talking to you...!

The only issue, as per usual, was the weather. The boats wouldn't sail in any more than a force 4-5 and the shipping forecast wasn't looking good for the weekend.
As it turned out, the weather on the Saturday was perfect. The sea was very calm and the wind gentle so we booked a boat.

Grey Seal

There were more seals than I had expected, although I was rather disappointed that most of the pups had been colour marked, which wasn't so pleasing to the eye. Due to the time of season, the Puffins had migrated along with may other sea birds so there wasn't a great deal of variety in the wildlife, but it was still well worth it.

Wait for meeeee!

I'm fairly happy with the shots that I managed to get, but it is very difficult to take shots of wildlife, especially while bobbing up and down on a boat while using very bulky and heavy equipment!

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