Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Courtney: Model Shoot

Last week I had a studio shoot with Courtney. The idea was to get some basic studio based shots (both fashion and lingerie) for her portfolio to add a bit more variety.
Having not shot lingerie before, I was a little nervous and not quite sure what to expect. I also found it quite hard to give direction, despite having researched and prepped as best as I could.


Courtney was really pleased with the images and her response was;

"There are a lot of great sots in there! They should add a little something different to my portfolio - thank you!"


Courtney had brought her boyfriend to the shoot but in reflection, I think that this was a mistake. I will ask models in the future not to bring a chaperone as I feel that it impacts upon their ability to model too much. I can quite understand why some models prefer to bring a chaperone, but when a shoot is in a public location or a University studio, I really don't think that it is necessary.
Although it doesn't always cause a problem, I felt that the shoot would have been more productive and Courtney would have been more confident and modeled much better to her ability without the distraction, as was evident when her chaperone left the room for a few minutes!

Courtney Courtney

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