Thursday, 21 August 2008

Children's Portraits: Lizzie & Zack

Here are a couple of images from the first of the Children's Portrait sessions that I did the other weekend.

I was told that Lizzie wouldn't have her photograph taken at play school as she is very shy, so its nice to know that I'm not too intrusive or intimidatng as she was quite willing to allow me to take her photograph.

Overall, I'm quite happy with these images although its a shame that Zack looks a bit unhappy in a few of the shots, but I think this is just because he is so young.

I definatley prefer the black and white options though. I just think they are a bit softer than the colour ones and just feel more natural. The children were in quite bright clothing and I feel that it was perhaps a bit too much. i can tone the colours down a bit, but I don't want the images to look dull or flat.

I did a few shots of the whole family too. These are ok, but it would have been nice if it had been sunny so we could have taken some in the garden as I'm not too happy with the poses. Again, I am aware that this is some what out of my control though when you are limited on space, locations and working with children of such a young age.

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