Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Website Revamp

Well, it has been a long time coming but finally the new look website has been launched!

I have been working on this new look site for quite some time now but due to computer problems, it has taken me a lot longer than I had hoped.

The colours have been changed to a light blue and white making the site far more crisp and clear than it was before. I haven't been happy with the old site for some time as it seemed rather dark, heavy and unwelcoming. Finally, all that has changed!

The basic structure of the site has remained the same with the same simple navigation bar on all pages (except flash gallery pages) so it should be just as simple as the old site to find your way around.

The banner has been replaced with a lighter, much simpler logo. I had a bit of a struggle developing this idea. The signature in the background was been a work in progress for a few months now that I just wasn't happy with or it was pushed to one side due to other commitments so its a relief that I am finally happy with it.

As my website was initially built for a university project but as things progressed, my freelance work was integrated. Now the site is more segmented, focusing on my professional freelance work. Personal work can still be found on the 'links' page but it is no longer as dominant on the site.

I'm much happier with the site now. It seems far more professional and smarter than it did previously.

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