Thursday, 11 December 2008

Camera Collections

My dad has recently moved house and has had a bit of a clear out. He kindly sorted out a box full of goodies for me - old cameras!

Kodak Brownie No.2 (1929-31) UK

Kodak Brownie Model 2 (1929-31 UK)

Kodak Brownie 127 (1952)

Kodak Brownie 127 (1952)

AgiFlash (1954)

AGI Flash (AGILUX) c.1954

And last but definatley not least, also my favourite...

The Zenit-B (1973)

Zenit B (1973) with Leningrad 4 Light Meter

I have got film fo them already and I can't wait to experement with them all!

I also managed to scrounge this from my old local...

Kodak Six-20 Model D (1953-57)
Kodak Brownie Six-20 Model D (1953-57)

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