Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Scaleber Force, Settle

The last waterfall for my project is Scaleber Force, quite simply because I didn't have time to do any more, although I'm sure I will continue regardless...

I went out to Scaleber a few weeks ago and the weather was awful. It was really windy and if it wasn't raining, there was icy hail - and it wasn't small hail stones either! So that was quite an interesting adventure. Especially after scrambling down a very, very steep 30ft slope in the rain and mud with a tripod and a rather large camera bag...

Anyway, the weather wasn't as bad as it could have been and it was cloudy and overcast which kept the light nice and even. There wasn't much space to move around the waterfall as it was carved into the hill side in a small copse. With steep slopes either side, I could only really set up at the base of the fall with didn't leave many options for composition.

I'm still quite happy with the images I have though. And the black and white photograph shown below is proving to be rather popular so I'm not going to complain!
It would have been nice if the weather conditions hadn't been so unpleasant. If it had been dry, I would have attempted climbing the hill side for better composition but in wet and muddy conditions, I listened to the little voice of reason in my head!

Scaleber Force, Settle

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John said...

Nice work. Unfortunately when I visited there was barely a trickle of water:-(

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