Thursday, 11 December 2008

Model Shoot: Amy Rhodes

Steph (one of my friends from Uni) has made a fashion magazine for her latest project. She had organised a photoshoot with a professional model that she knows as content for her magazine and kindly invited me along.

The model was Amy Rhodes and she has feature in the Canon 450D advert as well as campaigns for Schuh and numerous other well known companies.

It was really good to spend a day with a professional model as it gave me the opportunity to ask her about how other photographers work, poses, experiences as well as the kind of direction she would usually get from a photographer which I found really useful.

Steph was looking for photos on location as well as accessory shots for her magazine. So we used Eve's Hall Hotel as the first location for the genral fashion shots and then her home for the accessory shots.

It was a little tricky with lighting as we were restriced on time and wouldn't have been able to use studio flashes at the same time, so we opted for the continuous running modeling lamps which worked quite well.I am really pleased with the images alhough there were a couple of locations at Eve's Hall Hotel that I felt didn't work as well as we had thought they would.


Amy Amy

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