Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Noisy Neighbours: Yet another update...

Well since they received the noise abatement orders, things went pretty quiet...for a while...
To no surprise at all, it has started again and the music is gradually getting louder and louder.

The dog is also driving me insane (despite having had extra insulation installed). I think it is because they have been out a lot as they can't party constantly at home and the dog has been shut in a lot. Barking starts at about 6-7pm and continues on and off every 5 minutes until they get home about 1.30am!
I'm really not sure if I should call the RSPCA out - the dog is obviously unhappy and suffering from some kind of separation anxiety and it could have a much happier home.

I really hope the council takes the dog and finds it a much better home where it isn't deafened for several hours everyday, gets walked and looked after properly!
The abatement gave them 6 weeks to stop the dog from barking incessantly - 4 weeks left until they will do something about it now.

As for the music, as soon as that is witnessed again (which is a nightmare as it takes at least 2-3 hours for anyone to come out), the stereos will be seized and they will get a lovely fine :)

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