Saturday, 10 May 2008

Photography Elective: Macro

Well, I have finally decided what to do for my elective and made a decent start on it; Macro & Close Up Photography.

I decided this as the current work I have in this area is minimal so it would help to expand my portfolio. This also has the added bonus that I can do it easily at home with everyday objects around the house, therefore, minimalising any stresses involved such as the wind moving the subjects or the rain stopping me from doing work ourtside...

Here are a few of my images so far;

I partcularly like the liquids as I haven't done anything like this before and not only was it rather amusing to do, it looks really interesting.

The rose I'm very happy with. It is definately an improvement on my previous rose image that can be seen on my website. The new version is so much crisper and the focus is a lot sharper, but I did use a tripod this time!

I also like the screws as I feel there is a good depth to the image, mainly due to the contrast. But I also like the composition - it worked very well having the screws on an angle.

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