Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Nasty Fest!

I was given the opportunity to take photos at Nasty Fest last Saturday - like I would say no! lol

I don't have much experience of gig photography so I was rather nervous! I knew that it was unlikely that I would be able to use a Flash and that the lighting conditions would be less than perfect so I made sure that I did plenty of research first and took the best lenses!

As it turned out, I was able to use flash for most of the bands (having been polite enough to ask the performers) but I didn't expect it to bee too dark to use auto focus! It is alot harder to photograph people moving while having to manually focus - I am getting rather lazy and taking auto focus for granted I think!

Anyhoooooow, I did get some good photos (well, I think they are) but I didn't go with the expectation of being able to do an amazing job as having not worked in the lighting conditions before... I will know what to expect a bit more next time.

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