Monday, 10 November 2008

Exhibition at East Street Arts

Below is West Burton Falls, one of my photographs that has been included in the 'Multitude' Exhibition at East Street Arts from the 7th - 23rd November 2008.

I'm really pleased as this is the first exhibition that I have contributed to and it will be nice to see how well it does.
I'm not expecting it to sell as most of the other works are paintings, etchings and sketches so a bit more 'arty' but if it does sell, it would certainly be a confidence boost.

I was a bit disappointed at the opening though. But only because of the photographs' location.
The one place I really didn't want to see it was at knee height in a corner and that was exactly where it was. Saying that, most of the smaller works were placed lower on the walls with larger works head height or higher so I don't think that the smaller works will catch as much attention as they could if they were placed in a more noticeable and prominent position.

The opening night was really busy too which I wasn't expecting as I hadn't seen any advertisment for the exhibition. I know that a few pieces sold on the opening weekend but there is still 2 more weeks to go.

There were some really nice other pieces at the opening. It was nice to see work from other local artists and I hope that I can contribute to more local exhibitions in the future.

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