Thursday, 7 May 2009

EsOteric: 'Tomorrow I Won't Remember' Music Video

I went home at the try to get some peace and quiet (yes, our delinquent neighbours are still at it) but I didn't get very far with people coming and going.

I gave up pretty quickly and decided to go and help out a friend who was shooting a music video at Cheltenham Film Studios. The video was for a band called EsOteric who write and produce rock/metal style music.

EsOteric - Music Video Stills EsOteric - Music Video Stills

It was a really good shoot and I am pleased that I ended up going! I haven't been to the Film Studios before so that was intriguing in itself but the main theme of the shoot was vandalism.
They had managed to get hold of a car to smash up and they staged window breaking, smashing bottles with baseball bats, throwing a TV and all sorts so it was a really good laugh and a great opportunity to get some action shots.

EsOteric - Music Video Stills

They also had this awesome slow motion camera that is worth about £50k and takes 5000 images per second - the kind of camera they use in films to capture a bullet firing from a gun.
There was a full crew on the Saturday so I didn't get much chance to do anything other than take photographs for the Director. On the Sunday, there were only three crew members, including myself so I had plenty of opportunity to help with the slow motion camera.
The video camera itself, uses SLR lenses so I was left in charge of setting up as I had the most knowledge with SLRs as well as similar software as it recorded directly to a computer.

EsOteric - Music Video Stills

It was a really good experience and completely different to the other music videos that I have worked on before.
There are more shots from the production on my Flickr page - there is a link on the toolbar at the top of my blog.

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