Monday, 25 May 2009

The MacBook...

I have a new computer. A MacBook...

I'm finding this rather odd as I am a PC person and have never really used Macs until I started Uni so I am struggling a little to get used to it.
Admittedly, I have also avoided using them at uni as I am so used to PC's and have never felt the need to use or learn to use a mac.
That being said, the calibration and quality of the monitor is brilliant and they really are easy to use!

Shortcuts are annoying though - they are nearly the same as a PC, except I need to remember to use the 'command' key rather than the 'ctrl' key, which I am struggling with as its a force of habit.

The mouse pad is also really odd. I have the new MacBook Pro, so the pad acts more like my iphone - there aren't any buttons (you can click anywhere) but you need to use a combination of movements eg. swiping 2 fingers downwards scrolls and bringing 2 fingers towards each other makes the text smaller etc... too much to remember!

I'm getting there though and it really isn't as bad as I thought it would be, plus... it's a new toy!

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