Thursday, 15 January 2009

The British Museum

On our weekend in London, I managed to squeeze in 2 hours at the British Museum. This was the only place I wanted to go out of every possible choice, quite simply because since I was about 7, all I wanted to do was dig up tombs in Egypt and study Egyptian mythology!

My parents always thought I would grow out of this 'phase' and 20 years later, despite my main interest being photography, I would never ever pass up an opportunity to work on an excavation site in Egypt even if it meant sitting in unbearable heat brushing sand away from artifacts with a fine paint brush!

The moment we walked in the door, I looked at Josh (my fiance) with a huge grin on my face and said "see you in a couple of hours" and quite literally ran off!
I don't think I have been that excited in a long time.
I ran back to find him twice, jumping up and down going "Oh my god! They have the Rosetta Stone"! which he looked at me rather baffled about and "Aaaaaaaaah! Cleopatra is in the other room"! haha!

So, in the 2 hours we were there, I managed to see most of the Egyptian exhibits (I also forced myself to spare 5 minutes for The Greeks) then found the book shop which I wanted to go to but quite unhappily, noticed the time and had to run for the train home.

I have full intent on going back down for a long weekend where I will spend every possible moment in both The British Museum and the Natural History Museum.
Oh, and I won't be taking my rubbish snappy camera either - it will be DSLR the whole way!

Images in order;

The Rosetta Stone
The mummy of Cleopatra
Greek Helmet

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