Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Send & Recieve

I'm really not enthused by this brief as its all based around critical thinking which in all honesty, is my weakest point.

I know that I can do it, but it is talking about it and showing it. Right now, it is just automatic and I have never had to discuss it before so I often find it very frustrating and not even saying what I mean or want to say.

Although its desired, I have decided not to do any work within a community group or volunteering for part of this brief as I simply don't feel that I have the time right now. Besides, it isn't essential and I can draw on previous working experiences as well as current which is good and should provide more variety from what everyone else is doing.

I may be doing some in the near future though when things quieten down a little so that I can get the most out of the experience as well as being more helpful and flexible.

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