Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Communication Technology: Plans

Steph and I have decided to combine efforts on this project as we are both doing the same thing.
We plan to do the practical work together to help with time and equipment but we will do the written work on our own.

We have picked some key themes for the practical photography side of the project, focusing on Still Life and Urban Landscapes.
Although these themes differ quite greatly, it will give us the opportunity to improve our skills in more unfamiliar areas as well as working both in the studio with lighting equipment as well as outside with natural light both during that day and in low light situations.
This should give us greater diversity for comparing the equipment and techniques needed.

I have quite a hefty equipment list as it is but there are plenty of things that I would like to try too. I would especially like to get my hands on a medium format Rolleiflex and a Hasselblad.

Thus far, the film equipment I have is;

Kodak Brownie No.2 (1929-31)
Kodak Brownie 127 (1952)
AgiFlash (1954)
The Zenit-B (1973)
Kodak Six-20 Model D (1953-57)
(See previous posts for images of the above).

Pentax A3
Pentax P30N

Pentax f4 35-80mm
Elicar f2.5 90mm Macro (Pentax Fit)
Cosina f2.5 50mm (Pentax Fit)
Takumar-A f4 70-200mm (Pentax Fit)
Sigma f2.8 35-70mm (Pentax Fit)
Jessops Semi-Fisheye attachment Lens 0.42X

My digital equipment is listed on my Flickr profile page HERE.

Our project will explore the differences between film and digital format cameras. Looking at quality and whether they are better used for different subjects.
We also plan to explore the evolution of the camera and where they are going now as well as software and processing techniques.
Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere with a colour processing lab that we can get access too so that is an area that we will look further into.

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Aidan said...

Hasselblad is expensive for what it is - look into Bronica SQ - brilliant cameras they should do what you need them to.

- Aidan

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