Friday, 25 April 2008

Photography Elective: Can't Make Up My Mind!

Well, I was working on portraiture as the subject matter for my photography elective but I have since decided to use this for the self-written brief. So what am I going to use for the elective work?!

I have had another burst of playing with Macro and close-ups recently, so I might use that but I'm also quite tempted to use 'painting with light'. The problem is, I can't make up my mind.
Macro would be far more convenient as I can do it from home easily but I really want to paint with light after seeing an article in a recent magazine!

The problem with painting with light means I need ot do thework in the dark and I want to use buildings and monuments for subjects. This becomes very inconvenient as I can't do take the images by myself. Well, thats not true, I can but I'm not leaving my camera on a tripod in a park at night while I run around with a flash gun - that's just asking for trouble I think! But then, so is being in an unlit, empty place at night. This is frustrating.
Maybe I will just do both and then use what i prefer!

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