Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Self Written Brief - Photo Manipulations

I have tried to make a few photo manipulations but so far, I'm only happy with the one shown in this post.

It was made of 3 separate images - the water and the hills in the background, the tree and grass in the foreground (both licence free stock images) and the third image is of me, taken in a home studio using studio flash lights.

I'm surprised that this one worked as the studio image was quite bright and there was no way I could make it work in colour as the images just wouldn't match no matter how hard I tried.
But now, I think I actually prefer it in black and white. The mist was added to the image last with the use of Photoshop.

I would like to produce more images with a similar theme to this but I think I will do them on location if possible as it would make it a lot easier!

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