Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Self Written Brief: Portraits

So far, I'm really enjoying this project and the biggest problem I have had is finding models.

I have used my fiance, Josh and 2 of my closest friends. A friend from Uni has agreed to model for me and another friend is visiting this weekend so I'm hoping he will let me use him too!

I've also asked my neighbour as I want more variation with the age of models.

So far, the majority of my portraits are very 'commercial' and focus on making the subject look flawless rather than perhaps more natural or personnal. I would like to try out some other styles and maybe use some themes. 1940's hollywood, film noir and some fairy tale themes images to get more variation in my collection. But it depends on the model as to what kind of images you can do to an extent so I will just have to see who I can find!

Here are a few of the images so far. There are a few more that can be viewed on my website at;

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