Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Amy & Ollie: Maternity Photographs

So while I was back home, I did a maternity shoot for a friend of my sister.

Amy (Maternity Shoot)

Amy is due this Friday and has already had signs of early labour so we were playing it by ear as to weather it would be possible to do.
This was the first maternity shoot that I have done so I'm fairly happy with the images.

Amy (Maternity Shoot)

I think it was let down by lighting though. I didn't have my lights with me but there wouldn't have been enough space for them anyway. The sun was really bright so the shadows were really harsh which contrasted against the whole soft and natural beauty that would traditionally be so prominent in a maternity shoot.
We did some photos in the lounge, others outside and a few in the hallway for the plain background.

Amy & Ollie (Maternity Shoot) Amy & Ollie (Maternity Shoot)

I'm going back for a Wedding at the end of the month so all things permitted, I will be doing some newborn shots for Amy & Ollie too.

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