Thursday, 2 April 2009

Film Production Stills: No More Room In Hell

Last week, I spent a few nights taking some stills for a student short Zombie film called 'No More Room In Hell'.

The shoots were from late afternoon until the early hours of the morning as most of the film is based at night. Needless to say, it was freezing cold but it was a good laugh and the crew were really nice and chatty.

Film Production Stills: No More Room In Hell

Film Production Stills: No More Room In Hell Film Production Stills: No More Room In Hell Film Production Stills: No More Room In Hell

Taking stills was quite difficult as the locations were very dark and I couldn't use a flash while the crew were filming. Photographs could only be taken during rehearsals (which there weren't many of) or when they weren't recording sound as the microphone would pic up the camera's shutter sound. This meant using a high ISO which created a lot of noise (grain) in the images and I also had to meter every shot first and manually focus which wasn't the easiest task considering everyone was moving!

I tried some different effects in post and really liked the one below. I thought it would work really well as a poster image so I made a mock up. I'm really not happy with the title's font though - it doesn't sit as well as I would like but as I was only experimenting, I have left it as it is for now.

Mock Up Film Poster

There is a video/animation of some of the stills in the post below and there will also be more stills added to my Flickr photostream as I process them. I couldn't resist doing this as the Zombies running looked so good (the crew even used one on my angles for the film) and the attack scenes looked quite amusing like this too.

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