Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Rant Alert! Noisey Neighbours...

I went home last weekend which was lovely for so many reasons...
It was nice to see grass and trees again (my view of the city has still not changed and I don't think it will) but also, I got some peace. 2 whole days of peace.

2 weeks before Christmas, the noisiest, most impolite, most obnoxious, abusive, discourteous and horrible neighbours moved into the house behind us. All day everyday there is noise - I can't think, I can't study and life is so disrupted that I can't get anything done.

Yes, I have done the usual...I went to talk to them not long after they first moved in and they were apologetic but refused to do anything about it. A couple of weeks ago, we went back over and were confronted with verbal abuse and threats of making the noise worse - well, they are certainly sticking to it!

I have also tried the police (who can't do a thing unless its a domestic disturbance - well there will be one soon there always is coming from their house), I have reported it to Environmental Health who don't seem to respond to enquires - certainly not on time and I have even contacted their landlord who spoke down to me as if I don't have a clue what I'm talking about! How rude! It was clear that their are either friends or related though from her reaction.

I'm so annoyed, I know if I was back home they would have had their stereo and pets removed and have a court date set by now!

Everyday, by 9am, shouting, by 10am the dog starts (and continues all day until about 6pm) then there is music and shouting, not quiet music - excessive. You can hear it from the top of the street! I am at my wits end, I have even contacted the RSPCA as you can't make that much noise with a dog in the house and if he is barking all day, well, then there is something wrong there too.


There is no way I am going to get my essays written with this going on all day every day and I'm so worried that I'm not going to pass this year because of it. The other thing is, because money is so tight right now, I can't afford to get to and from college to study there.

I'm also worried that they are going to start causing even more problems - vandalism of my car and the property I rent (my landlord is also very concerned). I know you shouldn't stereotype, but in this case, I know their type and I know what they will do.

We have 6 months left on our tenancy but we don't want to move. Our landlord is wonderful, the neighbours either side and opposite are lovely (we have street BBQ's in the summer) and we can't afford to move. Unfortunately, we may have no choice but I have no idea how our landlord will manage to rent the house with them behind.

If anyone knows of a civilised, legal way to resolve this that I haven't already tried - please help us!!!!!

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