Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sash: Model Shoot

I had a model shoot on Tuesday with Sash (Sacha).
Sash is quite new to modelling but it is something that she would like to do for a career and is starting to build her portfolio.


Sash is a lovely girl and I was so impressed, especially this being her first studio shoot.
She was confident and had obviously looked at posing and shot ideas which I hadn't expected for her first shoot.


I suggested a 'rock chick' look as it suited her casual style and I thought she would feel more comfortable with the familiar. She was really pleased with the idea and I sent her links to a couple of images of a similar style so that she knew what I meant.
I also arranged to borrow a guitar from a friend so that it would add more to the look and style of the images as well as give her a prop to work with as I thought it may make the shoot easier for her and allow more traditional and classic poses.


We discussed wardrobe and make up ideas prior to the shoot and Sash did her own make up as we weren't looking for anything too complicated or extravagant.
Sash was really pleased with the photos from the shoot and I think, quite surprised too, being her first shoot she wasn't quite sure what to expect.


I will be working on another shoot with Sash in the near future with a very different style and theme that I would like to try that she is also really interested in.

I will also update this post with feedback from Sash in the next few days.
In the meantime, more of the images from the shoot can be seen on Flickr and the full gallery can be found here: Sash's Gallery

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