Sunday, 4 October 2009

Charlotte - Shoot No.2

I have been talking to Charlotte quite a bit since my shoot with both her and Stefanie. She really enjoyed the shoot and would quite like to do some more modeling (I'm so glad she enjoyed her first experience despite location and weather issues)!

Anyway, in order to get more shoots, its helpful to have a portfolio with a bit of variety and some clear head shots so we decided to do another shoot, mainly studio based.


It was very clear on the shoot that her confidence had increased dramatically. She was a lot more confident in front of the camera, which really showed in her images.

Charlotte Charlotte

We used a make-shift studio to start with a few different changes to add variety. This was also quite interesting as we had not discussed clothing in great detail and the majority was white!
I was so worried that she would blend into the white background and I didn't want to have to use massive shadows to bring her out.


As it went, it wasn't really a problem at all! I made sure that the background was well lit and gave the impression that there was more distance between Charlotte and the backdrop.

We even had time for a few shots outside, in a more urban setting than I would usually use but it worked well and offered more variety for Charlotte's portfolio.


Full gallery link & feedback coming soon!

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