Thursday, 5 March 2009

HDR...yet again...

I was clearing out and backing up all of my old files and came across a particular image that I have been meaning to try in HDR for some time.

After trying the shots in previous posts, I was certain that this would work and it is by far, my favourite HDR that I have done.

Rombald's Moor

Because the landscape pictured spans over such a distance, the HDR has really brought out the depth of the scene. At the same time, it has made the detail in the foreground more interesting because of the contrasting tones from the sky and valley.

Despite the image being quite dark, the muted reds in the valley and the lighter tones of the foreground have warmed and lightened it up, making it far more pleasing to the eye.

I also really like the gritty look that the image has, making it look far more natural and 'earthy'.

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