Saturday, 7 March 2009

Low Light HDR

I wanted to combine the low light photography with HDR to see what effect it would have.
I have seen a fair amount of this on Flickr and it can look absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, my HDR skills aren't that advanced and I'm only running a trial version of the software at the moment so it is some what limiting.

I would have liked to have taken some skyline photographs of Leeds from a distance with a patchy sky as the effect that HDR can have is really impressive. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a suitable sky to do this so I tried it with a shot of the school at the Movarian Settlement in Pudsey.

The result was quite surprising as I didn't expect it to show such drastic changes in the images depth, detail and lighting.

I imported the image into Lightroom to try to reduce the noise and add a slight vignette. While I was doing this, I experimented with the LR presets and really liked the cyanotype effect. The cool blue colours gave the look of a moon lit street. I really like this version as it isn't as bright or garish as the original HDR image.

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