Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Live Brief: Final Project Plans

I have been looking forward to this brief for quite some time now as it gives me the full freedom to do exactly what I want and I have a million and one ideas!

My initial plans were to hold a series of shoots inspired by Tim Walker and Tim Burton, some focusing one one influence and others on both to give more variation with styles and themes with a high fashion, fairytale and classical Gothic twist.
As with any project involving models, the shots would be used by the models themselves for their portfolios making the project 'live'.

I thought about this idea initially last year but I decided that it would be too complicated at the time and that I didn't have enough experience photographing individuals which then became my reasoning for the portraits project.

Having looked in to this idea in some depth now, I really don't think that a wide selection of shoots with these themes will be possible, mainly due to the financial implications.
I have quite thoroughly researched Tim Walkers style including props and locations which are generally very extravagant and expensive. Replicating this for a university project would be far too costly and gaining location permissions can be very difficult. There is also the issue of wardrobe. Without a wardrobe stylist or designer, I would have to source most of the clothing myself either through hire or purchase which again, is more expense that I am not in a position to fund at the moment.

With all this in mind, I may focus on fashion and model photography without set themes to be held both in the studio and on location to gain more experience, allow far more freedom and be a far more viable option. Again, it will be live as the models will be using the images for their portfolios. This will still allow me to do some of the themed shoots that I originally would like to have done and I already know models who would like these sort of images to add to their portfolios.

I will post more details on this project shortly when I have a more precise idea of what I intend to do.

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