Saturday, 7 March 2009

More Headlight Trails...

After taking the last set of headlight trails I thought I would try in a slightly different situation, the motorway.

Taken at F.16, ISO 200, exp. 20 seconds

I chose the motorway because one of the issues that I encountered previously was the street lighting. There were more overhead lamps spaced much closer together at the original location. On the motorway, the lights are spaced much further apart. This lights the location more evenly and diffuses the light more so that the lamps don't glare or create as much camera flare.

I went later in the evening to do this so it was a bit darker and positioned myself so that I wasn't too close to any of the street lamps. Although the exposure is 5 seconds longer than the previous light trail images, the general image is much brighter and evenly lit. The flares on the street lighting aren't as prominent in this image either and don't distract the viewer so much from the light trails. I also like the road markings as I feel that they add more interest to the scene and lead the viewer into the photograph.

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