Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Collections: Artist's Books

For our latest project, we have been asked to preferably make a book...hmmm...I would like to do a photo book, but photographs are so less impressive in a book so I may avoid the book format if I can.

I have been looking for interesting books and I can't really find any, well, I can't find any to my taste! I'm not really into all the 'arty-farty' books, I like factual and photography books as apposed to Artist Books.

What is an Artist's Book? Click here: Wikipedia Artist's Book

There are some really interesting designs about, but they just aren't really 'up my street' and I'm not really into that kind of design area to make something like this.

Here are a few links of some of the designs that I find more interesting. I'm sorry about the lack of images in this post, but I don't have permission to use the photographs...
  • Spirit Vessel I just think this looks cool but I just don't have the patience to do things like this and I would only squash it after!
  • Judy Barrass (I particularly like 'Intimate Landscape' and 'Thursday Morning'
  • Jill Lanza - Her binding is different and reminds me of an Oriental dragon.

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