Saturday, 18 October 2008

Janet's Foss, Malham

Janet's Foss was the most picturesque of the three waterfalls. It is surrounded by woodland and falls into a small pool which flows off through the valley.

Although I am pleased with the photographs that I took, they really don't do the location any justice and I don't think that any photograph would! It is one of those places that you really need to visit to see its true beauty.

The weather really let us down at this location. Because it is surrounded by woodland, it was fairly dark but it would have looked amazing with the sun beaming through the trees. But as cold as it was, the pool still looked very inviting. The water was so clear and as the waterfall hit the pool below, it has a bluish tint like a swimming pool.

Without a doubt, I will be going back here in the summer to take more photographs!

About 200 yards down the river from Janet's Foss, there are 3 tree trunks, densely embedded with coins!

...and my parents always said that money doesn't grow on trees!!!!!

It is said that this is where the Tooth Fairy gets the money to leave under children's pillows at night when they collect their fallen teeth.

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