Saturday, 18 October 2008

Gordale Scar, Malham

This was probably the most spectacular waterfall of the three that we visited yesterday.

The river has calved a path through the rock face of a small cliff in the hills of Malhamdale and then runs down the valley to Janet's Foss.

The weather forecast had been dry with sunny spells but the second that we got to the waterfall and I had unzipped my camera bag it started to rain! Typical British weather! Thankfully it wasn't too heavy and we were partly sheltered by the cliffs so it didn't cause too much of a problem. But this also meant that the sky had clouded over which I didn't mind as it meant that the light was more suitable for photographing water on long exposures.

The only downfall of Gordale Scar, is that because it falls through the cliffs, you can only photograph it from certain locations and while it was raining and I have a huge bag full of equipment, I didn't think it would be the best idea to climb up the rock face.

I am however, very happy with the photographs that I have from Gordale. The exposures have come out much better than I had anticipated as I haven't really spent much time before taking long exposures of water. It would have been better had it not rained and I didn't have to keep protecting my camera as I would have liked to have taken more from different angles across the rock face.

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