Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Collectors, Collections & Collecting Brief

Well I must admit, this brief threw me off a little and from how it was introduced, it didn't capture much of my enthusiasm or imagination.

Having set myself up to work as a freelance photographer, I wanted to make as many of my briefs as possible this year broaden and assist me with experience, portfolio works or business progression and this brief initially just didn't seem to enable me to do so. But, having worked through the nitty gritty or so to speak this brief is actually very loosely defined.

The one thing that I am very pleased about, is that we don't have to provide a physical working notebook for each project as we did last year. I really thought that it was a waste of time, paper and ink doing these as I don't find them helpful with my way of working and I would much rather just use my blog and electronic files on a disc. Of course, there are always bits and pieces of paper, contact sheets and test prints, but I don't tend to keep a working journal to show my thoughts.

I have a few ideas in my head of what I want or could possibly do for this I just need to decide on one!

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