Saturday, 18 October 2008

Stainforth Force, Stainforth near Settle

This was the third and last waterfall that we visited yesterday and probably the simplistic one of the three, but amazing none the less. It was also the smallest in height.

Stainforth is just north of Settle and northwest of Malham.
The power and current of the water flowing down this fall was immense and the waterfall is build like a series of steps.

Once again, we arrived at this location and no sooner had we set up our cameras, it started to rain. This was more of a problem at Stainforth Force as it was very open to the side of the fall that you have to access it from and the ground quickly became very slippery.
It was hard enough anyway because of the angle that the river ran to get a good composition of the full waterfall.

On the plus side, I knew there were Salmon in this river, but I didn't realise that it was the time of year that they make their journey upstream. Despite there only being a few Salmon that day, I must have seen about 9 or 10 attempts to make it up the waterfall in about 45 minutes. Its quite amazing to see them jump up suck a powerful waterfall.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to photograph any as they were too ad hock in jumps and with the light failing, there just wasn't time.

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