Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hardraw Force, Yorkshire

Hardraw Force, Yorkshire

Yet again, a very different waterfall and slightly bizarre too!

Hardraw (Hardrow) Force is on private property owned by a pub.
You have to pay £2 entry to get access to it and it is very very muddy but well worth it.

The fall was huge! I knew it was big, but I wasn't expecting quite that big - we looked like ants next to it!
But because it was so big, the amount of noise and spray made it impossible to get very close and the over hanging trees were too distracting on the full length photographs that I took. On top of this, it was absolutely chucking it down so keeping the lens dry was a mission and a half!

Hardraw is claimed to be England's tallest waterfall above ground boasting a 100 ft unbroken fall. Another scene from 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' was also filmed here.

This is my favourite photo from Hardraw, so simple yet so different from all of the others that I have taken so far.

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