Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Com Tech: Low Light

After the test shoot the other day, I went out again last night to take some more and to attempt to get the shot that I want for a competition entry.

I'm afraid I'm still not going to show you what I'm up to with regards to the competition, but if all goes well, it will be revealed in a couple of days...I hope! Its not quite the easiest thing as I need a certain piece of equipment that I'm having difficulty getting my hands on so at the moment, I trying to find a way to do it without.

I do feel like there is improvement in my Low Light images though and I'm focusing more now on capturing the fading light in the sky rather than the lights on buildings which is a bit trickier as timing is imperative. But I still haven't experimented with all of the techniques that I would like to, I'm experimenting with them one at a time so that I can understand their use and effects better.

Steph has also gone back home this week so I'm trying to hold back a little as she will need to go out when she is back, hence I am sticking to only a couple of locations.
The only other problem with this is that I have managed to get access to Bridgewater Place - one of the tallest buildings in Leeds, but my access is tomorrow night so Steph won't be able to come too.

This will however, present me with a completely different situation and a new set of challenges. I can only get access to the hallways which means that photographs will have to be taken through glass and I doubt that I will be able to turn the lights off to reduce the reflection. The images will also be quite different as they will be more like aerial shots taken at quite a distance and a much sharper angle. I have a few ideas of how to combat the reflections, but I will explain these further after Thursday once I have the results.

This is one of my favourite shots from last night's shoot;

Bridge at Clarence Dock
On The Other Side
Taken at F.11, ISO 100, Bulb (47 seconds)

I like this shot at it demonstrates a good use of perspective and shows different architectural styles as a contrast to each other. The bridge seems to take you on a journey to explore what is beyond, while the colour of the sky indicates light pollution suggesting there is lots to see and investigate on the other side of the bridge (the city) creating curiosity for the viewer.

It was quite tricky to get this shot as there were so many people crossing the bridge, but that is one of the bonuses of long exposures - as long as they are moving, the camera doesn't pick them up! Unfortunately, the bridge wobbles and shakes the camera while there is movement on the bridge, so shots aren't as sharp as I would like them to be!

I like this shot because of the colours, it is bright despite it being rather dark when it was taken. I also like the perspective in the shot - the image looks so much deeper than things are actually situated. This was an effect of the lens that I was using (canon EF-S 10-22mm), but I used it for that very reason so I am quite pleased with the results.

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