Monday, 23 February 2009

Cross-Processing in Photoshop & New Watermark

Something else that I have been meaning to experiment with but just haven't had much time to - Cross-Processing.

Traditionally, Cross-Processing is the development of colour negative film or slides in the wrong chemical,such as negative film developed in slide chemicals and vice versa. This effect creates a shift in contrast and tones but can easily be reproduced in Photoshop for digital images.

Using the 'Curves' as an adjustment layer, each colour channel is altered individually in a specific way to give this effect. I will write and post a tutorial at some point...when I have some time!

To make the images look older, I have added a bit of 'noise' in replace of grain and a slight 'fibre' texture which I think adds to the effect.

Rose (CP)

Rose (CP)

Rose (CP)

As you may have also noticed, I have also created a new watermark. I felt that the old one was too intrusive (although it did its job) but it was very bland and felt a little unfriendly and corporate.

I feel that the new one is more personal, which is generally how I work with my clients so I felt that it was far better suited as it reflects the way that I work. It also sits better with my freelance logo...I just need to remember to use it and not the old one!

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