Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Music Promo Shoot: Pifco

Pifco Promo Shoot

This was a shoot that I worked on last year and I had completely forgotten about it (hence why there isn't a previous post)!

It was an interesting experience to say the least. I hadn't done a promo shoot before and it was a favour for the bands manager. She didn't know what she wanted apart from some clear shots of the band as they didn't have any images for their website.

I organised the shoot with the band and arranged the location but left the styling/wardrobe to the band as I didn't really know them, their music or identity.
That was a big mistake. I will never leave styling to someone else again!
My main issue was that the band had no real visual identity, they didn't know what they wanted.
When I met them at the location, they were dressed quite casually but had brought white lab coats (which I was told they often wear when performing so I was expecting this) along with gorilla masks, viking outfits and running gear which just seemed very odd.
This made it very difficult to get productive shots as they had a plethora of styles to play with and no idea what they wanted.

The final shots aren't too bad I guess but I feel that it looks more like a 'couples' shoot as there is no reference to music what so ever.
I edited the images in post to give them a grainy/arty feel that matched their casual clothes and looks. I also altered the colours of the images to make them a bit more grungy to suit the subjects.

I really wasn't happy with the images until I had processed them so I felt a bit better afterwards!
I would like to do more band promo shoots as it was quite fun, but I think a meeting with both the band and their manager is needed (on this occasion, the manager wasn't available), especially in the circumstances that this shoot was taken.

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