Friday, 20 February 2009

Competition Entry

So here it is...finally! My entry for the UNITE Leeds Skyshoot competition in association with Harvey Nichols.

The closing date for entries is today which is why I have left it so late to tell anyone what I have done. My entry is truley unique compared to all of the others which can be seen here; UNITE Skyshoot Competition on Flickr.

This is the first photographic competition that I have entered so I'm not getting my hopes up!
I'm also slightly concerned as the image was edited quite heavily but this had to be done in order to get this effect. The brief & T&C's don't mention anything about editing so hopefully it won't go against the image as it is primarily, a photograph.

A World Of It's Own
A World Of It's Own
360 Panoramic View of Clarence Dock, Leeds

I chose this location as it is beautifully lit at night.Clarence Dock is home to one of Leed's most famous attractions, The Royal Armouries. In this view, the Royal Armouries and the architecture of the bridge dominate the image.I merged the panoramic into a planet as I felt that it gives an interesting and different view of Leeds.

The judges are listed on the official website (first link in blog entry) and they have all offered information and advice on what they are looking for;

Ross “This competition will certainly put students' creativity to the test. I’m looking for exciting and moving interpretations of the brief – something that really stands out from the crowd.”

Nathan “I want to see Leeds in a new light – that might be an intriguing close-up shot or a panorama of the city. For me colour and composition are key to a winning this competition.”

Brian “Leeds is a vibrant and captivating city with stunning surroundings so no matter how experienced you are with a camera, there are countless views waiting to be captured - they might even be on your doorstep. Just don’t be afraid to use your imagination.”

Quotes taken from the Skyshoot official website

I really hope my main entry impresses the judges as I believe that it fits the brief well and is very different from any other entry.
I have also entered the shot of 'The Bridge at Clarence Dock' as posted on the 18th February as I really like the colours and perspective that it offers.

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